World Council of Optometry backs children’s vision.

By: Dr. Scott Mundle, World Council of Optometry, President

We all know that children are our future. However, we often fail to make the connection that it is incumbent on us to ensure children get off to a good start and reach their potential.

As an optometrist, I am repeatedly drawn to one element that cross cuts the majority of what supports a child’s growth and development - healthy vision. Healthy vision supports education attainment, social interaction, and a child’s sense of safety and confidence.

Simply put – for children, being able to see clearly dictates their lives, in almost every aspect.

At the World Council of Optometry, we see a world where quality eye health and vision care are accessible to all people, including children. That is why we are thrilled to be a part of Our Children’s Vision.

What better legacy than joining the growing group of organisations, over 70 to date, working together to ensure all children have access to eye health services? As President of the World Council of Optometry, I cannot think of one that will have more impact or one that will pay more dividends now and long into the future.

I call on all eye care professionals, development organisations and those focused on children’s education to put their support behind Our Children’s Vision. Movements are successful when the groundswell of support overwhelms the barriers to access of care, and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve here – join the swell.

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