Are you ready? Be ready.

By: Courtenay Holden, Marketing and Communications Manager, Our Children's Vision

Today is earmarked as a day of action! A day where children are challenged to stand up, stand together and raise their voices for the disadvantaged amongst them. We cannot think of a more worthy challenge, or one we are more proud to support.

World Children’s Day is designed to be a fun day, but the message is serious. Because, tragically, we continue to live in a world where children are confronted with poverty and disease, conflicts and crises. It is overwhelming – where does one begin?

Even when we consider our cause,  our part to play, we are often overwhelmed. Nevertheless, we know that we are a piece of the puzzle when it comes to helping children overcome numerous challenges.

When one considers health interventions that generate the most gains, eye health is often left off the list, but the ability to see clearly is critical to a child’s future. A simple intervention, which has the potential to make a significant impact

When a child’s vision is corrected, and they can see clearly, , they are more likely to attend school, and more likely to reach their potential while enrolled. As a direct result, they have better employment opportunities, which improves their situation, and the situation of their community, economy and nation.

However, healthy vision is only one barrier, and today children are standing up for the all the pressing challenges their generation faces.   

We look forward to seeing children step into roles that shine a light on their rights - to see their shining faces in high-visibility roles in media, politics, business and sport.

So, when UNICEF asks us today if we are ready…we can proudly answer yes! Yes, to standing together for the worlds’ most vulnerable and hardest to reach children. Yes to children being heard, listened to, understood and seen…even if it just for one day.

For more information, and some amazing resources, visit the Convention on the Rights of the Child website at




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