Global economy could save hundreds of billions each year by simply providing eye care

Investment in eye care services has an impact that reaches far deeper than millions seeing clearly.

By: Tim Fricke, Brien Holden Vision Institute and Stephen Davis, Communications Manager, Brien Holden Vision Institute

A school health program reaching towards healthy vision for millions of children in Pakistan.

Eye health needs to be included in school health programs. A concept led by the eye care industry is now seeing other sectors looking to us for advice and guidance.

By: Hasan Minto, Director of Programs, Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Our Children’s Vision and Courtenay Holden, Marketing and Communications Manager, Our Children’s Vision

Bringing better and quicker vision care to children.

A simple pair of glasses has the power to change a child’s life. Essilor is finding innovative solutions to put more glasses on little faces, and give thousands of children the opportunity to see better and achieve more.

By: Anurag Hans, Senior Director, Base-of-Pyramid Innovation Lab, Essilor

For every child – we go blue.

We go blue - to join the thousands of children around the world who are calling on world leaders to do more, so that every child can be in school, be safe, be healthy and fulfil their potential.

By: Courtenay Holden, Marketing and Communications Manager, Our Children's Vision 

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