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For us, advocacy is about bringing our voices together to instigate lasting social change.    

We work alongside governments, our partners and communities to prioritise and strategise ways to reduce avoidable blindness in children globally.


Our goal of eliminating avoidable blindness in children drives us to do more. We focus on:

  • Lobbying governments to include child eye health in national health plans and policy

  • Developing partnerships to achieve more

  • Raising awareness of avoidable vision impairment in children

  • Educating children about eye care


Our goal is ambitious and we know that we cannot achieve it alone. What inspires us to keep going?

  • Children being able to access eye care in every part of the world

  • Children being able to reach their full potential because they can see the board, read books, and play safely

  • Dedicated partnerships that put the vision of children first

  • Children who take what they have learned home to share with their families

  • Government policy that recognises holistic health outcomes for all children

  • Children, and families, across environments and cultures who celebrate and protect their vision

  • Innovative solutions to getting more care to more children


The outcome -
millions of lives touched, changed and improved.




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